Frequently Asked Questions

How can therapy help me?

Therapy can help guide your path to personal growth and development.  Therapists provide support while assisting you in gaining problem-solving skills and enhanced coping strategies for multiple issues.  Therapists can challenge unhealthy behavioral patterns or thought patterns that create barriers in your life. Therapy can help you initiate positive change to build the life you've always wanted.

What kind of issues do you help with?

I help people with a multitude of issues and challenges.  I tend to concentrate on life transitions that can include career change, retirement, empty nest, moving out on your own, etc.  I frequently work with people that struggle with anxiety whether rooted in worry or fears.  I also help people with parenting concerns and skill development.  I help facilitate movement towards peace and balance through personal transformation.

How often will we meet for therapy sessions?

The frequency of sessions is based on your unique needs, however, I typically recommend beginning with weekly sessions to be able to effectively identify and begin working on the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are interfering with your daily life and relationships.  Any less than weekly sessions in the beginning can make each session feel as though you are "catching up" instead of making progress.  As you are noticing positive improvement, we will begin adjusting the frequency based on your needs.

How long will I be in therapy?

Therapy is a personal experience and varies for each individual. The length of time someone is in treatment depends on several factors including what you are seeking services for, the severity of symptoms or life disruption, your engagement and your personal motivation. If you have a concern about the length of time you will be in therapy, we can discuss this in our first session so we can set realistic expectations.

How can I get the most value out of our therapy sessions?

While the therapist helps facilitate positive changes, challenges unhealthy patterns, and provides support in your journey, it is ultimately you who has to choose to do the work.  Your engagement and participation is critical to your healing and personal growth.  It’s the work you do outside of our sessions that will take you from life change to transformation.

What are your hours?

My office hours are Tuesday - Friday from 9:30am - 4:30pm.  I return phone calls and I am available for consultations during these hours.  I see clients by appointment only.  I conduct in-person sessions on Wednesdays and Fridays and video sessions primarily on Thursdays.

Do you accept insurance?

I do not accept insurance. There are several reasons I think this may be a better option for your counseling experience. You can read more about this and your investment in therapy on my Investment page.

I'm ready to begin therapy.  How do I get started?

I am so glad that you are choosing to take care of your mental health and emotional wellbeing! You can reach me to schedule your consultation by calling 864-479-6017 or clicking on the link below.  


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