About Me


I often like to joke that therapy chose me.  Since childhood I have been listening to people's stories.  Friends in middle school used to refer to me as the "school psychologist" and their parents would come to me when they were worried about their child.  In my sales job in early adulthood, my customers would tell me about their life struggles and problem relationships.  Random strangers in stores and parking lots would begin talking to me about the most intimate details of their lives wanting to be heard and often seeking guidance.  I guess I always thought this was normal, until other people around me began to notice and comment on it.  So I asked some of the people I encountered why they felt they could open up to me.  They would say I was easy to talk to and they felt better after our time together.  

After years of trying to figure out where I belonged professionally, I realized it had been there all along...  I was born to listen to others to help them restore their hope, heal their heart, and move towards having the life they deserve. 

Becoming a therapist has been a rewarding journey that I genuinely believe was meant for me. I feel it is a true honor that people let me into their lives and entrust their inner most thoughts and feelings to my care. I will walk with you in your recovery.  You are not alone.       


My Qualifications

Education and Work Experience


Education and Licensure

~Licensed Professional Counselor
(License #7313) from the South Carolina Board of Examiners
~Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP) Certification #708208
~M. A. in Professional Mental Health Counseling from Webster University, 2009
~B.A. Cultural Resource Management from Southeastern Louisiana University, 1995



I am a seasoned therapist in the field of mental health. I was most recently with the Carolina Center for Behavioral Health for 9 years and worked both inpatient and outpatient.  I served as the Director of Outpatient Services for 5 and half years.  Prior to that I began my therapist journey at the Greenville Mental Health Center for 4 years.


Community Support

I serve as President on the Board of a non-profit, Mental Health Champions, begun for the purpose of enhancing the work of multiple community agencies through the provision of resources, support, advocacy, and community connection with consumers in Greenville County.